Unreal Technical Artist

New York City

Location: New York City Midtown Office

Start Date: ASAP

Employment Type: Contract-Negotiated Rate

Full-Time Available Long-Term or For Right Candidate

How To Apply: Submit Materials to [email protected] (see below for further details)

The Opportunity

We are looking for an Unreal Technical Artist to drive forward a number of product initiatives currently in the pipeline. We are seeking an engaged partner to help us develop specific needs on products we are already testing and delivering in the marketplace; the expectation is that for the right candidate or if the relationship works well there is an opportunity for a full-time long term position.

This opportunity would be a fantastic fit for:

  1. An Unreal Technical Artist who has interest in taking on a leadership role in a company outside of
    gaming but committed to creating stunning photoreal real-time applications.
  2. An Architecture Computational Designer or Architecture-trained individual with strong coding
    background to be part of a leading arch-viz group pushing the forefront of real-time applications.

About the Role

We are initially looking for a contract-engagement to refine and launch a number of initiatives in our pipeline. Your immediate tasks hitting the ground would include the following:

  1. Create maintain and clean blueprint setups specific to product initiatives in development
  2. Ensure project builds deploy and scale on pixel stream platforms (Linux and Windows)
  3. Integrate third-party API’s into pixel streaming applications (ex. Cesium,, etc)
  4. Architect complex logic inside real-time engine
  5. Help design new workflows for scalable dynamic-deployment of photorealistic content

Longer term responsibilities would include:

  1. Be the technical expert in the room regarding Unreal Engine
  2. Lead technical development of new customer-centric tools for real-time arch viz
  3. Optimize materials and create reusable Material components and custom shader logic for
    Lidar/Radar/Infrared and more
  4. Work to educate the team on the latest and best practices
  5. Work closely with artist team to ensure that our outputs continue to produce optimized and stunning outputs based on latest best-practice processes

Qualifications and Experience

Individual should have the following experience:

  • Proven experience as an expert in Unreal Engine Blueprints, C++ for Unreal, or equivalent
  • Experience as a facile user of at least one 3D software relevant to the building industry, including
    3dMax, Rhino, REVIT, AutoCAD, or other
  • Strong grasp of shaders, materials, real-time game engine logic, and performance optimization
    These are nice-to-have experience points:
  • Dev-ops experience, including knowledge of kubernetes deployment and Linux systems
  • Previous experience working with arch viz and large 3d datasets
  • Experience with web Web-app infrastructure

Who is Red Leaf NY

Red Leaf NY is a technology-driven architecture visualization studio creating industry-leading photorealistic CGI Immersive Experiences, Films, and Renderings of the unbuilt environment. A trusted partner for the largest real estate developers in the world, our expertise is in clarifying vision for the unbuilt, visualizing places that stand above the crowd.

With our Visual Twin platform of digital products, we are currently delivering work at the forefront of utilizing real-time technology to change architectural visualization. Our vision is to make hyper-realistic unbuilt digital twins as useful and common as the internet. We are led by Derek Chan, AIA, who has over a decade of experience in visualization, who is is currently on the leadership team for 3DNY in New York.

How to Apply

Please submit the following items to [email protected]:

  • Please include in your e-mail subject: “Unreal Technical Apply”
  • Resume
  • Portfolio of Work- Quality preferred over quantity. Please highlight visualization and interactive work, photography, animation, film, and other visual media.

We thank you for your interest. At this time, we can only accept applicants with pre-authorized or existing legal status to work in the United States. NO RECRUITERS PLEASE.