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Red Leaf Is MBE Certified by the State of New York

October 6, 2022 by Red Leaf

Red Leaf is proud to announce we are now Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certified by the New York State Department of Economic Development.

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Red Leaf Guest on Real Time Talk Podcast | Topic: Unreal + Pixel Streaming for Real Estate

July 24, 2022 by Red Leaf

Derek Chan was recently a guest on the podcast Real Time Talk hosted by Quintin Anderson at Eagle 3d Streaming. We were delighted for the invitation to converse live about all things “real time” and the Unreal Pixel Streaming platform by Epic.

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Red Leaf is Proud to Support Google Downtown West in Key Project Visualizations

May 29, 2021 by Red Leaf

This week marked a milestone in the Google San Jose Downtown West project, when it received unanimous City Council Approval. For its Downtown West project, Google will develop 80 acres of land in downtown San Jose, including up to 7.3 million square feet of office space for 20,000 workers and thousands of housing units. The

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