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The Grand LA

Epic Gehry in Epic LA

The Grand LA promises to be the next great destination in Downtown Los Angeles. ​This ambitious mixed-use development at the epicenter of​the Grand Ave Arts Corridor joins the already iconic Disney Concert Hall, The Broad Museum, the Colburn School of Music, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. It will include over 176,000 sf of curated retail, dining, ​and entertainment experiences, 4​36 new luxury residences, and LA’s first Equinox Hotel.

The challenges for Red Leaf were to imbue the already-exciting architecture with an LA lifestyle, create a vibrant sense of place, and to clearly convey commercial opportunities within this complex space. From custom built retail environs to the perfect mix of entourage, we drew on our wealth of retail expertise to create an electric atmosphere able to complement the dynamism of Gehry Partners’ design.

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Project Architect
Gehry Partners, LLP
Los Angeles, CA
Derek Chan
Janet Kim
Andy Liu
Oscar Obando
Christian Ritchie
Chris Shusta
Henry Wu

360 Virtual Tour

Launch Full-Screen Interactive HERE

During the summer of 2020, we worked closely with Related to develop this interactive 360 virtual tour for retail marketing. It was the most engaging way in which to truly communicate the retail opportunities within this epic but complex retail space, destined to be a new anchor in Downtown LA.

The tour launches seamlessly via the web on desktop and mobile, and has been adapted to stand-alone app that can be deployed without internet connectivity.

Retail Marketing Expertise

Red Leaf assembled a marketing campaign of images that covered over 150,000 square feet of retail with a mix of over 2 dozen target-marketed retailers.

We brought the full extent of our retail marketing expertise to breathe life into this complex and dynamic retail masterplan. All the visuals conveys clear storefront legibility, specific signage opportunity, and a convincing potential occupancy.

Target tenants include the retail sectors food & beverage, beauty, fashion, luxury goods, and entertainment.

Inhouse-Managed Site Photography

This site is in one of the most exciting locations in Los Angeles with stunning adjacencies to a vibrant Arts area, downtown high rises, and all set within a stunning urban backdrop beyond. By combining with our CGI with a thorough strategy of inhouse-managed site photography, we captured every breathtaking detail in this context. Our goal, as always, is to bring our audience into the place – immersed in the action.