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The Chrysler Building

Office Amenities in a New York Icon

The Chrysler Building is among the most iconic buildings in the world. This was part of a full building repositioning that saw improvements and modernization over the entire height of the Chrysler Tower, including a new retail arcade, floor-through tenant amenities, concierge services, and new dining and event spaces.

Our engagement by Gensler was to visualize the revised office amenities and office-lease opportunities, including pre-builts and full floor raw spaces. We were, of course, delighted by the challenge of capturing some of the building’s iconic structural and sculptural details. Additionally, we enjoyed working closely with the team to capture the look-and-feel of the office spaces.

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Derek Chan
Andy Liu
Christian Ritchie
Henry Wu

View Photography When Location Matters

The brief for this exterior deck view was deceptively complex. The client and design team knew they wanted a view outward from the deck but, as always, we ensure you don’t just see any view outward, but rather the view outward – you should know immediately where you are and in what city. In this case, we found an opportunity to show the reflection of the Chrysler Building while also locating this deck among other iconic towers in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

When feasible, we insist on taking our own site photography for this reason – it allows us the flexibility and opportunity to find the perfect views.

Those Architectural Details

It’s the Chyrsler Building. Enough said. We were absolutely giddy to be allowed to do view photography across the whole height of the tower, allowing us to get so close to those Eagles that you could see the hammer marks that sculpted their iconic forms. In the end, the core of our scope focused on the interiors and so we satisfied ourselves with making sure we captured special structural details that help convey the specificity of the Chrysler Building.

Creating Zen

Our primary assignment was to bring Gensler’s vision for office space upgrades to life. As is always the case, the people make or break a space. This project required one of our studio’s custom photoshoots to create the perfect cast of people. The yoga relaxation room was a particular challenge to convey the “zen” with individuals donning office-appropriate athleisure attire.