The Conrad Hotel Is Coming to The Grand LA | See It On Red Leaf’s VR Tool

September 12, 2021 by Red Leaf

Red Leaf Real Estate VR Tool at The Grand LA by Gehry

Conrad Hotels has announced that it will make its debut in Los Angeles with a 309-room luxury accommodation at The Grand LA in 2022. Red Leaf has been thrilled to be a part of the The Grand LA project since pre-construction and we have been excited to watch its progress into its iconic reality.

In the summer of 2020, Related asked whether we could take the marketing collateral on hand into a VR marketing tool that would have the same stunning fidelity and detail as our still visualizations. Our Real Estate VR Marketing tool proved to be a terrific fit for this application.

A few key features of this product includes:

  • VR tool implements seamlessly on desktop and on mobile
  • Updates can be pushed through to all devices remotely
  • Start-to-finish single-point-of-contact delivery from ideation to implementation, including design of all retail frontages and direct coordination with leasing team, architect, and landscape architect.

For more on this exciting project:
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